How to go to The One Ratchada? Rot Fai Night Market 2023

Rod Fai Night Market is back and is now known as The One Ratchada. Check how to get to the market, its opening hours, and what you can shop and eat there.

Where is The One Ratchada (formerly Train Night Market Bangkok) located?

The One Ratchada, a night market sitting on the site of the former Rot Fai Night Market, started its operations on the 9 September 2022.

The former Rot Fai Night Market (also known as Train Night Market Ratchada) that was a must-visit attraction for tourists and a popular hangout venue among locals, did not survive the COVID pandemic, and was forced to close from mid 2021. After one year and with the pandemic subsiding, The One Ratchada was launched to replace the previously much loved night market in the Din Daeng district.

The One Ratchada is located right next to the shopping mall, The Esplanade Bangkok. One could reach it easily via public transport by alighting at Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station and exit from Exit 4.

The exact address and map of the night market are as follows:

The One Ratchada ตลาด ดิวัน รัชดา
(Rot Fai Night Market ตลาดนัดรถไฟรัชดา)

  • Venue
    • Beside The Esplanade (Bangkok) [Map
    • เอสพลานาด ซีนีเพล็กซ์ รัชดาภิเษก [แผนที่
  • Address
    • 99 Ratchadaphisek Road, Din Daeng Subdistrict, Din Daeng District, Bangkok 
    • 99 ถ. รัชดาภิเษก แขวง ดินแดง เขตดินแดง กรุงเทพมหานค 10400

What are the opening hours of The One Ratchada Night Market?

The official opening hours for The One Ratchada Market are from 04:00pm to 12:00am daily. However, each individual stall operator has the discretion to decide on their operating days and hours.

Our team visited the bazaar at around 5:00pm on a Friday evening in September 2022 and found that about 50% of the stalls have not opened or are in the midst of setting up. Thus, we recommend visitors to drop by the night market from 6:00pm onwards.

What type of stalls are there at The One Ratchada Market?

There are more than 100 stalls at this night market, ranging from cooked food, pre-packed snacks, beverages, fashion, accessories, to beauty stalls. As such, apart from being a place just for food, it is also a avenue for couples, families and friends to shop and even go for a pedicure after dinner! 

Visitors may find difficulties in deciding on what to get for their dinner or supper as there are just too many options to choose from. There is a pretty good mix of international cuisines and the types of food (full meals, snacks, desserts, beverages).

While several of the bigger food stalls offer private dining areas for their patrons, most of the stalls do not have a private sitting space. However, there are ample seating spaces (some with tables and some without) spread across the night market.

Although the size of The One Ratchada Market is smaller than its predecessor, it is nonetheless a good step to revive the popular street culture in Bangkok after the pandemic. 

Have you not waited enough for the past 3 years? Head on down to bask in Thailand’s unique night culture today! Do consider visiting the other night markets in the vicinity as well.

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