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EverythingBKK.com is a free English language resource on all aspects of living, working, and traveling in Bangkok, Thailand. We endeavor to include the latest news, events, how-to guides, where-to-go guides and everything you need to know while in Thailand. We have all the information you need as a tourist, a student, or an expat.

We are in the midst of working on the following:

  • Events database: We are expanding our event database and we aim to be the de-facto events portal in Thailand. 
  • How-to guides: Many things in Thailand have changed since the pandemic. We are tirelessly writing new content that are relevant in the post-pandemic era.
  • Where-to guides: As old businesses folded and new ones sprout, we are compiling the list of places of interests, services and shops that are still in operations.

Interested in a topic?

If there’s anything that you want to read about, write to us and we might just write one for you!